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Finding the right team

As a holiday property owner finding the right team of people to help you can be hard, trust me I know! A team of cleaners who do a wonderful job in a five star hotel may not be suited to your holiday cottage, similarly a fantastic team of people who run a group of rentals in the next village over may not offer the flexable service you need to support you.

For those of you with the time and resources, looking after your property is easy (with a little elbow grease and perseverance), because you only have to rely on yourself - to ensure that everything is just how you want it. For many people this just isn't possible. The house may be too large to maintain themselves, or they do not live near by.

Bringing other people into your property or home however, is a challenging task. The first thing you need to think about, is what kind of help do you need? There are many different types available but choosing the right kind of company is a huge factor in how well this will work for you. The trust that you place in the people caring for your home is incredibly important. Your property is an investment for the future, it may also be a business that you may want to sell on one day - making the day to day running more important, to ensure you are looking after your future.

We all know the stresses involved with running a successfull holiday cottage/s paired with guests that have higher expectations year on year, mean we all have to keep our "our eye on the ball". Choosing a company with energy and an eye for detail is a must. Every house is different and every owner has different ways they want to run thier home and so flexability is key.

At Key Turner Management we are trying to break the mould and offer an all round solution to your needs. We offer anbespoke service, meaning the solution we provide is tailored to the needs of yourself and the way your property is run.

We are a local business networking within the communnity, creating strong links with local trades and other businesses, to ensure we can provide the best solution for our clients.

When you approach us for a quote we will ensure we get to know you and your properties, before tailoring your bespoke quote, this ensures we provide you with the best service - making your home/s the best they can be, just how you like them.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help make running your home a breeze!

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