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Those added extras

A hot debate, what should you be leaving for your guests?

I have found over the years that what guests and hosts call basics can vary wildly, sometimes with hosts going above and beyond what I would ever have thought necessary (but always to the delight of their guests!) and others require a little more persuasion to leave out a few extras.

I would always recommend to my clients that the happier the guests the happier the hosts, there's nothing better than that feeling of receiving a five star review. Getting any amazing feedback is wonderful but when it's because of a personal touch that you've put in place, it's even better!

So what is it that makes your guests smile as they walk through the door, what makes the children screech as they discover something in the house, this will all depend on your house your target market and really just how much time and energy you have to put into the property.

That's where we come in, having a property manager can really help you out on a day to day basis when you aren't able to, is key in getting those little finishing touches just perfect for your guests. Some owners reading this might have the spare time or this is a retirement project, so you're able to bake fresh cakes or scones and you're able to nip to the shop for a fresh loaf of bread in the morning, you might even pop by whilst they’re staying and deliver them some fresh locally laid eggs - this is all brilliant and I would always highly recommend this if you can, but if you can't then that's fine there's still lots of things that you can do to make your guests feel like they are extra special without baking cakes. Staying local is always beneficial, both to you your guests and your local small businesses, so try and pick up things for your welcome hamper that have long shelf lives but also at the same time aren't generic. a jar of locally made jam for instance, you can buy these in bulk but more personal than just getting a supermarket brand. If you can't leave things like fresh bread then why not buy some local cheeses if you have the space for a small mini fridge to store them in (for your team to leave out for your guests), if you don't then buying in bulk local made apple juice or locally made ciders - especially if you're from Somerset!

There are always things to think about during the year too, such as the season. Try buying poinsettias for the house at Christmas instead of cut flowers, if you know you have a couple staying for Valentine's or an anniversary then why not see if your housekeepers know how to fold towel art and leave them some romantic Swans on the bed. In the autumn my most favorite thing is to buy miniature pumpkins and leave them dotted round the house maybe with some pine cones to really get people in that autumnal feeling leading up to Christmas and new year. When it comes to the kids staying at your property, seasonal goodies like leaving little Easter eggs during the Easter holidays or even just a fun activity for them to do during the summer holidays (don't forget the parents will love you if you find the kids something to do that means that they get to put their feet up for five minutes). This last Christmas season we found a lovely local lady who runs Pretty Little gifts 21 in Somerset, she made us personalised children’s baubles for the Christmas trees for them to take home as well as doggy stockings for the dog friendly houses. We also added a few extra little treats for the adults such as personalised etched champagne glasses for those staying over new year. We certainly got some amazing feedback and have always had great comments when we really go that extra little mile, it doesn't cost much money it doesn’t take too much extra time - but it makes a big difference to someone, when they walk into their holiday property and they can see the effort and the energy that has been put into making their holiday or their break just that little bit extra special.

At Key Turner Management Myself, the House Managers and the Admin team all work incredibly hard for our clients, our clients houses and the guests staying in them - to make sure that everybody is truly happy with the service we provide. We are continually adapting, changing and finding new suppliers and contractors to make sure that we (and therefore our clients) stay one step ahead, that is what makes us different to any other management service. We truly care.

We don't just provide a management service for holiday properties, we provide an all-round service to holiday property owners and their guests, ensuring that what ever you need as the property owner we are there to support you.

So if you are looking for advice on where to take your holiday property next or you haven't bought your holiday property yet, then get in touch to see how we can help. You don't need to sign up with our management service to get our advice, we provide professional consultations either in person or over the phone, nationally.

What we can help you with outside of our managed services:

  • Website building (so that you can take your own direct bookings) or appraisals of your existing website to help you rebrand and freshen things up.

  • Logos and branding

  • Social media

  • General property appraisals to help you get some fresh ideas for your property

  • Consultations and advice

I hope the above has been helpful and given you a little spark of an idea going into this new season. Its an important year for us all and with restrictions finally (and hopefully permanently) lifted, we will, I am sure have a fantastic year doing what we all love!



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