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Are Air BnB Management Companies Worth it?

For those who are new to owning a holiday property, it can be often

difficult to navigate and find help with your home.

Quite often the larger companies will provide set basic services, and

include marketing within that, but it's all very generic, and obviously

comes at a high price. This isn't always what you want or need.

We've put together a short explanation below of Key questions that get asked when researching Air BnB management, we hope it will be helpful to you.

So, what is Airbnb management?

Simply put, Airbnb property management is all about the various tasks

and responsibilities associated with running a successful Airbnb business.

Airbnb property managers look after vacation rental properties on

behalf of their owners and manage the day-to-day operations.

What Airbnb managers do?

Airbnb managers are usually companies or individuals, that will help you

look after your holiday home (sometimes onsite and occasionally remotely) as well as marketing and communicating through Airbnb.

A portion of these of these managers (like us), also help you manage other outlets

such as, premier cottages, group accommodation and

more, as well as your own website if you have one.

When searching for an Air BnB Manager here is a list of services you might like to check are provided

✅Confirming bookings and communicating with guests.

✅Scheduling and managing cleanings and maintenance work.

✅Organising clean laundry

✅Taking care of check-ins and check-outs.

✅Distributing listings on Airbnb and other rental platforms.

✅On call phone number for emergencies

✅Damage reporting

✅Setting up pricing schedules and managing finances

How much do airbnb management companies charge?


The variation in services that airbnb management companies and individuals provide are a broad spectrum, so the pricing too can vary dramatically.

Some companies will charge fixed rates per booking, others will charge you a percentage.

The service we provide is the same no matter the time of year, so why should the price fluctuate?

Our base price starts at £100 for a small two bed cottage up to £280 for a ten bedroom Manor house.

We find that management based on percentage can be unfair for those of you with higher turnover properties, therefore we provide a service that is based on a flat fee per booking. This also enables more competitive pricing.

Importantly for you, this pricing model means that irrespective of high or low season, you always know the cost of our service.

Making it easier for you to manage your overheads, and know exactly what your expenses are per booking, helpful to your forecasting too.

Is airbnb management worth it?


If you're buying a holiday home for an investment, and you already have a busy work or home life, then airbnb management is something we would highly recommend.

Whether you use us or another company, it allows you to the have peace of mind that comes with knowing you don't have to be available at any given moment.

In this rife market, its paramount that you are readily available and have a quick response rate. This ultimately means you need to be attached to your phone throughout the day to respond to messages and take phone calls. This could be the difference between gaining and losing a booking!

When it comes to maintenance emergencies or just difficult guests, having a management company at hand, means you're not going to get a phone call in the middle of the night, in the middle of your childs school concert, or even your own family holiday! 

Airbnb / property managers will make sure that every aspect is taken care of, so you just get the benefits of receiving the income.

Obviously, Airbnb management isn't for everybody. You may be doing it as an extra hobby and enjoy the guest liaison and social aspect of meeting the guests.


What many clients don’t realise, is that with the holiday market being flooded with properties to choose from, a crucial ingredient of a successful holiday property recipe, is marketing!

We are passionate about this, and love to get out there and do this for our clients! Photographs, videos, catchy reels, posters and more. We push our marketing campaigns on various social media platforms.

This is one of the factors that sets us apart from Airbnb and other large companies, and in turn an incentive you gain from a small and dedicated property management company like Key Turner Management.


We know from experience with our clients, that having someone who can manage your property, not only on Airbnb, but also other platforms, releases any stress that may come from owning that home.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with your Airbnb or holiday property, call Emma on 07846-329-129 or send us an email to

Airbnb management is one of the many things that we do as a

company. We are proud and stand firm in our commitment to every



✅ Core values

✅True Customer Service

✅ Highest of Standards Within Hospitality

✅ Which is why all our clients have bespoke packages.

✅We will provide as much, or as little as you would like us too.

From basic communication and point of contact for guests, to

Full management of the property, which includes :

✅Guest Liaison

✅ Regular Visits on site

✅Managing Maintenance Subcontractors

✅Managing Housekeeping

✅Managing Laundry

✅Stock Ordering

✅Ensuring Guest ready

✅Including Welcome Hamper Provision

✅24/7 Emergency Contact

Meaning you don't have to worry about the day-to-day running of your

property at all, you only reap the rewards!


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