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Where it all started

This fresh new business idea came from a long line of experiences working around the world, for very different people with very different needs...

In our early twenties both myself and my fiancé ditched our 9-5 office jobs in pursuit of something "more". That of course, like many twenty somethings, landed us in Australia.

Working in the sun soaked land down under, was an eye opener to us - both professionally and personally.

Our employers in Australia required us to work closely with themselves and their 3 young boys, to enable them to live the lives that they have moved out there to have (having moved from England 10 years before). We soon realised that flexibility was key and being able to just jump in when ever it was needed put their minds at ease and ensured they could have the free time - to enjoy the amazing country in which they live.

Once our visas had expired, we continued to work as a couple maintaining high net worth homes and their families in other places around the world.

Our understanding of the complexity and range requirements needed to run a large household was broadening year on year, until early 2016, when we concluded that a service providing a management solution for these requirements would make for the perfect all round solution. We would continue with the job we love but provide a service to those local to our home, on the Somerset/Dorset border.

And that is what we continue to do!

Our flexible services are created with the individual in mind, because we know from experience no two households are alike. With no fixed fees and no upfront costs, we work with you - to create a personalised plan for your Home or Property.

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