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Using a local service is important, now more than ever.

Using a local service not only means a more personal touch, we all benefit from it by stimulating the local economy.

Unfortunately now more than ever, we all need to start supporting each other. The expansion of retail giants and the seemingly uncontrollable growth of faceless online companies is killing our local high street and pushing out local small businesses.

Sat here on my laptop I can see how easy it is for me to do everything I could possibly need, sat right here with no need to even pick up a phone - is this progression? As a consumer it is, but only in the short term. Why?

Our online search for tradesmen and a great retail bargain have a cost- local shop's overheads and banks unwillingness to lend to start-up companies, meaning they cannot keep up.

Buying local produce and using local businesses means you know exactly where your items come from and who you are dealing with. With an eclectic mix of shops in your town centre, we improve our community. Not only that, you are almost certainly guaranteed to get better customer service from a local business or tradesman, as they will actually value your custom.

We only use local tradesmen and businesses, thus, putting back into our community and creating a stronger economy for our area. Living and working locally means we all network better together and support each other to create a prosperous community.

Be proud of your area and let's support each other - so we can all thrive!


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