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Its been four years... its time for a catch up!

asn't alot happened in the past few years!? Globally, nationally and personally... This blog post is a bit of a catch up for those who follow our antics in business or personally.

Key Turner Management has been helping holiday property owners manage their holiday homes for more than five years now, and its been four years since my last blog post. Everything has changed (and I mean more than just the addition of face masks and lateral flow tests!) except one thing, our values.

This company began with an idea born from one client who needed more help than she could find. What we wanted to do was provide holiday home owners with dedicated support from a team who actually cared about the homes and the people they were working for. From the very first contract, I have always said that we would never over stretch ourselves for the sake of "business". The service we provide has to be tailored to each clients needs as no single house, like people, is in need of the same support. Nothing has changed except our experience and knowledge. The team has expanded and changed throughout the past five years but our core values stay the same and the family business is STILL the family business, except the family is a little bigger now .

Lock down changed a lot things for a lot of people. We got married and we had a baby, but the business (and our passion for it) is so much stronger because of the pandemic. Like most people we assessed and reassessed everything whilst stuck inside our home unable to work, now the passion for our business and our industry has certainly reinstated itself since everything restarted last year.

I have certainly noticed an increase in those buying second homes who might not have before or were hesitating, or people diving into the holiday property industry when they may not have taken the leap prior to Covid. I think its brilliant, we have come out of this terrible global disaster and are using it as a learning curve in our lives to do those things we have been putting of and chasing the dreams we didn't think we could achieve.

For us, there has been more than the addition to our family (our beautiful Lily), I have formally created Key Turner Direct Bookings after a long time of publicizing our clients properties and dealing with guest liaison and bookings "on the side" I took the leap at the end of last year to officially help our owners take direct bookings - by helping them create their own websites and social pages.

I am excited for what the future holds for us all and how this year is going to go. I am ever the optimist, so stay tuned and follow Myself (Emma), Jon, Lily and the rest of the team through what ever lies ahead of us!


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